Gym Cleaning

Our gym cleaning services

  • Reduce dust, insect and lime scale build up, through regular cleaning.
  • Are efficiently carried out out by well trained staff
  • Help increase memberships and use because of a clean workout environment

We at Clarity Cleans understand your business, long hours, hard used machines and odd stains. We know that staff often clean the gym areas whilst the number of clients is low so we have a specific system for you – we clean thoroughly for you whilst training your staff to be more efficient and productive cleaners. Which means you get the best of our expertise and specific machinery whilst your staff spend less time cleaning and more time on your exercise machines.

We can help you with medical grade disinfectant; cleaning methods and using our experience in the industry problem solve any odd spills or stains on various surfaces or walls.

Our staff are trained and knowledgeable about cleaning much like your staff are trained and knowledgeable about gym routines, let your staff focus on the work they know and let ours support yours.

We know the daily trials your gym and staff will go through to make your clients happy and working hard, We can help make sure they put the effort in and turn up regularly by encouraging a clean environment.

We know regular cleaning can reduce the build up of dust, the amount of spiders and other insects and can reduce lime scale build up – Our chemicals and methods will allow us to tackle your challenges head on.

Lets get you booked in for a free consultation today.

Step 1

Email or  call us to arrange a time for us to come an meet you at your location.

Step 2

We will come a meet you, take measurements and discuss your requirements.

Step 3

We provide you with a quote based on your requirements and area that needs cleaning.


  • Greater London
  • Kent
  • Sussex
  • Isle of Wight
  • Somerset
  • Devon
  • Cornwall
  • Oxfordshire
  • Dorset


We have been using Clarity Cleans for 4 months. Their staff are very helpful, and we are satisfied with the cleaning service they provide.

A regularly cleaned gym encourages more people to be come members.
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