Daily And Weekly Cleaning – Which is best?

I have been asked this question time and time again by clients, I thought it best to share with you why regular daily cleaning is far better than a single clean per week.

Regular cleaning helps your business in many ways but firstly its more valuable to you, I mean that with a good 3-5 cleans a week a cleaner has time to take on any spills, unusual cleaning or other requirements whilst still completing their regular tasks.

In a job where they only have the one day to clean should there be any unusual requirements they are much less likely to fit it in as they need to also focus on the deep cleaning aspects such as high reach dusting or skirting board cleaning.

With regular cleaning you also bring higher value to your company because if a cleaner is cleaning 3-5 times a week rather than once.

If they are trained to our standards they will reduce the build up of dust over time meaning they have more time to spend on things like skirting boards that get scuffed, on the lime scale in the sink or perhaps help your staff more with the washing up.

A cleaner that works once a week will be unable to reduce the dust build up or lime scale deposits in the same way.

In the industry we know this as ‘build up’ time the length of time that humans create mess, shed dust and how much environmental ‘dirt’ is brought into your place of work.

Dust is slow usually needing just one clean a week to keep in check but twice to reduce the overall amount. Mud in the winter is much higher as you may expect, with higher sands and other particles in summer.

If we reduce the build up once a week its perfectly fine however if we reduce it twice or more a week we get a deficit of dirt in our systems allowing us to focus more on the odd parts of the cleaning job, giving you considerably higher value.

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