We provide a quality cleaning service, that is value for money & uses the most advanced cleaning technology to ensure the highest quality standards.

Clara Nicholls (the Founder & Managing Director) developed Clarity Cleans in September 2016, since then Clarity Cleans have partnered with some very big organizations such as Darwin Escapes, to ensure five-star housekeeping and cleaning services.

With Clara’s leadership, we have grown to over a £2 million turnover. We have grown this far due to the number of experienced cleaning managers and staff that have been brought into the business. Amongst the senior management team, the experience totals to over 40 years, facilitating significant expansion across the south of the UK. In total, we have over 400 staff and look to expand further into the rest of the UK.

As commercial cleaners we look after your facilities and staff, our mission is to provide quality cleaning services at value for money and use the most advanced cleaning technology and trained staff to ensure a high-quality standard.

Our Client Team

Clara Nicholls

Starting the company in 2016, Clara took on ambitious business contracts and surrounded herself with experienced business people to build this company, Clara recognized the industry needed a high quality and high volume cleaning service. Since then Clara has overseen the company as Clarity has expanded all across the UK.

Alan Turner

Alan is one of our operations managers, he has 25 years of management experience and with it, he has been helping us shape the business. Such things include operations, health and safety and finding innovative ways of enhancing delivery within the business. His experience in identifying and meeting the training needs of both new and existing employees enables us to fulfill their potentials to make a positive contribution to the business.

Deaglan Furey

Deaglan is our national business development manager. He was previously a franchisee who ran his own business within the Jan-Pro system. Deaglan has been involved with many of the Darwin Parks and is now fully responsible for the Canterbury Reach. He manages a variety of school and office cleaning contracts in South London, he helps expand the region in both operations and sales.

Chelsey Bradshaw

As the Cheddar Office Manager, Chelsey runs the head office keeping the brain of the company running smoothly. She deals with most general questions and queries that come from all over the UK sites, and answers accordingly.

Cellena Watson

The HR manager. Cellena keeps our staff happy, records straight and deals with employment systems for the company. Cellena has experience in managing the HR requirements of medium-sized companies and helps collect and sort all the hours for the 300+ staff we have.

Dawn Clarke

Dawn is our Financial Controller; invoicing, taking money, paying it and settling invoices. Dawn allows the company to run systematically between Chelsey, Cellena, and Dawn these three ensure the business is doing, earning, paying and organizing itself correctly and on time.

Flavio Alves

Flavio is our London office admin. He has experience in technology and adapts quickly to his surroundings. He makes sure the office is organized, productive and keeps health and safety in check for the London sites.

Nicky Unasa

Nicky is our Wessex Area Manager. Nicky has over 25 years experience in the facility support services industry and brings a wealth of experience to her role as Area Manager. Nicky is a highly self-motivated individual with a strong focus on customer care, she is responsible for managing the teams that deliver high quality and visible cleaning services whilst driving a culture of safety, accountability and customer focus by actively engaging with staff, pro-actively team building, addressing and resolving barriers to ensure improvement of safety and standards.

Our Site Managers:


  • Greater London
  • Kent
  • Sussex
  • Isle of Wight
  • Somerset
  • Devon
  • Cornwall
  • Oxfordshire
  • Dorset


Our customer complaints have dropped away to almost nothing since Clarity took over!

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